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Water Safety

The weather is heating up and The Apache Junction Fire District wants to remind our citizens; it only takes a second for a child to drown.  Here are some helpful links with information regarding drowning prevention.

Please check out our 1st Steps to Swim to Survive Program sign up page.

For more informative videos please visit the Pool Safely YouTube Channel


Pool Safety Game

The following interactive game was designed for kids to play with an adult.  It helps children to identify hazards around pools and spas and teaches simple safety steps that can done to make pools and spas safer.  Please play the online game and also share with your family and friends!

Play NOW!!


Did you know a child can drown in less than 2" of water?

While pools, spas, and bodies of water present an obvious danger to children, many parents forget about other parts of their home or lifestyle that may contain standing water;  i.e. toilets, bathtubs, buckets, ice chests, fountains, fish tanks, garden ponds, wells and drainage ditches are just some examples.  All of these should be emptied or kept completely out of your child's reach. 

In-Home Safety Tips