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Administration Office

565 N. Idaho Rd.
Apache Junction, AZ 85119
Monday - Thursday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

(480) 982-4440 ~ Phone

(480) 982-0183 ~ Fax

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers! 

If after reviewing the categories and information on this page, your question is still not answered, please let us know by filling out our Contact Us Form or calling
(480) 982-4440. 


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 About AJ Fire

 ~ How do I contact the AJ Fire Administration Office? 

     Our contact information is as follows:
          Apache Junction Fire District
          565 N. Idaho Road
          Apache Junction, AZ 85119
          (480) 982-4440
          (480) 982-0183 FAX
          Monday - Thursday; 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
     You can also fill out our Contact Us Form and we will be happy to help 
      in any way we can.

 ~ What number do I call for non-emergency situations?

     The non-emergency Dispatch phone number is (480) 644-2400.

 ~ What is the closest fire station to my home?

     Please contact our Administration Office at (480) 982-4440 to speak with our
     mapping technician.  You may also fill out our Address Verification Form and
     we will respond as soon as possible.

 ~ Where can I purchase AJFD t-shirts or exchange fire patches?
     At this time the AJFD does not sell or trade official clothing or other products,
     such as patches.  This decision is based on security issues.

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 Volunteers and Donations 

 ~ Do you collect toys or blankets for children?

Unfortunately AJ Fire does not have a program that accepts these items.  If 
     items are new please contact Project Help at (480) 288-2955.

 ~ Does the Fire District want my old car for training purposes?

     The AJFD does not accept old cars, however, there are local charities that 
     could benefit from your donation.

 ~ Would AJ Fire like to use a vacant structure that I own and plan to 

    demolish for training purposes?

No, not at this time.    

  ~ Can I do my school or court mandated community service hours with
     the Apache Junction Fire District?

You are able to complete your community service at our Technical Annex Shop.
     Please call their office at (480) 982-5929 for more information.

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  Permits & Reports 

 ~ What are your Permit fees?

    Annual Permit Application
    Installation / Review Application

  ~ How do I get a copy of an EMS Report? 

    The release of medical records is governed by the Health Insurance
    Portability and Accountability Act (

    Copies of reports are $10 and can take up to a week to process.  Reports
    can only be requested by the person(s) involved in the incident; the parent or
    legal guardian (with proof of guardianship) of a minor; or by a court order 
    signed by a judge.  A signed notarized medical release form (signed by 
    a client or by guardian) must accompany a request by an attorney.  For your 
    convenience the EMS Report Request Form is available online.    

 ~ How do I request a copy of a Fire Report?

Fire Reports are public record, with some restrictions.  Copies of the reports
     are $10 and can take up to a week to process.  
    A Fire Records Request Form must be completed to receive a copy of the 

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 Inspections & Assessments 

 ~ Our building will have the fire alarm taken off for service, who should I

     Your Fire Alarm Company should handle communication with local
     authorities.  Or if you prefer you can contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at
     (480) 982-4440.

 ~ How can I request an Environmental Records search on a property?

     Please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at (480) 982-4440. 
     An Environmental Records Request Form does need to be completed, the fee
     for the search is $10.

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 Educational Programs 

~ How can I request an AJ Fire Safety presentation at my school, 
    church, business event, etc.?

You can complete the Community Event Request Form and return the form by 
    fax at (480) 982-0183.  If you have any additional questions please call our 
    Administration Office at (480) 982-4440.

~ Do you have a program to help my child who plays with
    matches and lighters?

    Apache Junction Fire District has a Juvenile Fire Setter Program, please call
    (480) 982-4440 for more information.

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 Fire Prevention

 ~ How can I refill, recharge, or check my fire extinguisher?

    AJ Fire does not refill, recharge, or inspect fire extinguishers.  Please consult
    the Yellow Pages under "Fire Safety Equipment" for more information.

Do you give fire extinguisher training?

Our Fire Prevention Bureau does provide fire extinguisher training to 
    commercial properties during annual Fire & Life Safety Inspections.  For more  
information, please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at (480) 982-4440, they 

    are happy to help.

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 Code Violations & Hazards 

 ~ How do I report a fire hazard such as blocked fire lanes,
    locked exit doors, over grown weeds, etc.?

Please call our Administration Office to speak with our Fire Prevention Bureau 
     at (480) 982-4440.

 ~ How do I dispose of medical waste like used syringes &

Please place these items in an approved Sharps container and
     take it to the closest AJ Fire Station.

 ~ How do I get rid of a swarm of bees?

     The fire district does not remove bee swarms unless they are
     attacking people or pose an immediate life threatening hazard to
     people in the area.  Please visit our Bee Safety Page for more

 ~ There is a snake in my yard, what should I do?

  Call 9-1-1 for emergency situations.  Always remember to NEVER
     try to remove snakes yourself.  For more information check out our
     Snake Safety Page.

     For non-emergency snake removal please call (480) 644-2400.

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 Hydrants / Street Closures 

 ~ How do I find the closest fire hydrant from my house for my 
     insurance company?

   Please fill out our Address Verification Form or call (480) 982-4440 to speak

     with our GIS Technician.

 ~ Who do I call for a broken hydrant or a road closure?

Please call Dispatch at (480) 644-2640.

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 First Aid & Medical 

 ~ Does AJ Fire offer CPR classes?

Yes, we offer CPR & First Aid classes the first Saturday of every  month.  Please
our CPR & First Aid Page for more  information.

  ~ Where can I take my children for vaccinations?

    AJ Fire no longer offers Immunization Clinics, please contact Pinal County
     Public Health for more information.

 ~ Does the Fire District do free blood pressure checks?

   Any AJ Fire Station will do free blood pressure checks without an appointment. 

    Please visit our District Map to find the closest  location to you or call
    our Administration Office at (480) 982-4440.

 ~ How do I get a "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) card?

DNR Forms and cards are available at our Administration Office.
    You can also visit the AZ Department of Health Services for more

 ~ How do I obtain a lost CPR and/or First Aid Card?

    If you received your card(s) from AJ Fire, you can call our Administration Office 
at (480) 982-4440 for assistance.

 ~ How do I get my child's car seat inspected?

You can schedule an appointment to have your car seat installed or
    checked by our Car Seat Technician.  Car seat appointments are 
    scheduled by calling (480) 982-4440.

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 Miscellaneous Services 

 ~ Can I request to have a fire engine at our block party, to give
    a safety talk, and perhaps show the fire engine?

Yes, please call (480) 982-4440 to schedule a visit from your local fire station.
    Please also fill out the Community Event Request Form with all the
    pertinent information and fax to (480) 982-0183.

 ~ How do I schedule a fire station tour?

    Station tours can be scheduled by calling (480) 982-4440 and filling
    out our Community Event Request Form.

 ~ How do I schedule a Ride-Along?

    Please visit our AJFD Ride-Along Program page for all of the 
    information you need.

~  How do I request EMS standby for a community event?

Please fill out our EMS Standby Form and fax it back to our Administration
     Office at (480) 982-0183.

 ~ Does the Fire District empty or fill up swimming pools?

    The Apache Junction Fire District does not offer this service.

 ~ How does my out of town alarm company contact the Fire

They can call our Dispatch Center at (480) 644-2400

 ~ What is the AJFD's Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating?

    AJFD is currently rated at a level 3.

 ~ Where is the closest hospital?

    Here is a list of the area Hospitals for your convenience.

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